UCSC  B.A Performance in New Media 
(film production & costume design) 

At the intersection of fashion, photography, film, stagecraft, and design, artist Marina Fini creates hallucinatory, alternative worlds. Based in California, she collaborates with friends and artists alike in the staging of these otherworldly scenes, using colorful costumes and her own handmade, plexiglass jewelry to turn her photographic subjects into ethereal cyber goddesses. When asked how she builds these characters, Fini remarked, “there’s something about transforming someone into someone they wouldn’t normally be … that is, creating an extension of themselves that I see in them.” All of her characters exude a captivating power, like the whimsical and intangible figures seen through a psychedelic dream. By exploring alternative selves in familiar contexts – a convenience store, or the Californian seaside, for example – Fini explores how subjecthood is fluid, and how such creative “shape-shifting” can alter the way we perceive our immediate reality.
- written by Hayley Evans for Beautiful Decay 



Marina Fini is a multimedia artist known for her plexiglass creations and ethereal full room installations that illuminate the complex and transformative relationships between digital technology, nature, psychedelia, and identity. Fini was born and raised in Los Angeles. She began her artistic career studying film at the University of California, Santa Cruz, majoring in Performance in New Media, a unique curriculum she designed that focused on the use of stagecraft, costuming, photography, and new technology in the production of experimental film narratives. Turning away from mainstream commercial media, Fini was already expressing her passion for cultivating a deeper, more conscious art practice that uncovers and empowers alternative and marginalized voices. Queer identities, abstract art, and high fantasy became themes that still resonate in her work today. 

 In 2012, Fini began incorporating crystals and plexiglass into her films, and shortly thereafter, began creating jewelry to fund her filmmaking projects. Her plexiglass jewelry, which she names “galactic warrior princess jewelry,” has gained her international attention for its colorful, cross-generational fusion of iconography from the ‘60s, ‘90s, and the digital age. In 2013, while living in the Californian wilderness, she created Tree Temple,” a short film poking fun at internet-obsessed culture and exposing its darkness by contrasting cyber identities within natural landscapes. Shortly thereafter, she returned to LA, where she began incorporating her jewelry into small-scale installations. 

 In 2015, Fini decided she wanted to work on larger, more immersive projects. She began creating plexiglass furniture, and in collaboration with artists Signe Pierce & Sierra Grace, launched Motelscape at Art Basel in Miami Beach. Motelscape was a full-room installation involving video, photos and Fini’s unique décor in the creation of a secluded, fantasy-driven landscape; by combining the nostalgia of 1960s psychedelia with space-age motifs, Fini at once created a sensual alternate world while critiquing modern patterns of excess and the commodification of desire. Motelscape was met with acclaim, earning her accolades from publications such as VICE and Dazed. It was later recreated as Motelscape 2: Clean Rooms, Low Rates in Seattle in November 2017. 

 Creating escapist worlds became an ongoing theme for Fini, and in 2016, after experiencing a personal shift, she realized she wanted to go deeper. Her escapist art became more focused on spreading light, happiness, and color; she wanted people to escape into contentment by offering them a healing, utopic refuge in our often-darkworld. She began incorporating reiki and color therapy into her installations, creating energetic fields and connections to divine powers. As a manifestation of this creative dream, in 2017, Fini launched her biggest installation to date: Secret Paths to Marina Fini. Encompassing a warehouse in San Francisco for two weeks, Secret Paths combined nature and cyber culture, showing how, despite our increasingly digitized lives, people will always return to nature in order to seek clarity and connection. These themes shape Fini’s work today. Forever an integrative artist, Fini believes that such multi sensory experiences can soothe trauma and activate the potential of the true self, thereby bringing more peace into the collective consciousness. 

In 2018, Marina moved to Joshua Tree and birthed Rainbow Bath House, a 2.5 year long take over of a 2 acre mid century home over looking the desert landscape. It changed everything for her in the sense that it functioned in the highest form thus far of her vision with installations. From hosting dance parties to workshops and utilizing it for shoots, it felt like the first installment for long lasting community involvement. The concept of Rainbow Bath house is to essentially bathe in rainbows 24/7, with interactive lighting with rainbow film refracting across the space during the day to projections, neon lights and color changing lighting throughout the home. There is a sense of joy and subconscious healing that organically erupts from saturated environments that she builds. The vision is to have community activation space for others to find safety, peace and healing. 

Marina now focuses only on long term installations for her visions. Journeying deeper into her own self healing has led to a deeper understanding of what the world needs most, healing in all aspects. A permanent color therapy temple is in the works for the future. the most important thing to her is to help people heal in sacred safe space. 

 Installations and Exhibitions 

Rainbow Bathhouse 2.0

Sedona, AZ

2021 to present 

Rainbow Bathhouse 1

Yucca Valley, CA


Spectra Spa 

Spectra Art Space 

Denver, Colorado 

1 year long installation 

June 2022-May 2023 

Wildheart Ranch airbnb 

Joshua tree, California 

permanent installation exhibit airbnb experience 






WNDR Museum 

self love room 

Sept 2019- Feb 2020 

Chicago, IL

Rainbow Bath House

Feb 2018- March 2020 

Yucca Valley, CA 


Pride Installation 

June 29-30, 2019

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Rainbow Voyage (Pride Float Installation) 29 Rooms 


June 21-24, 2018 

Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco 

Lyrics to Life Installation for Genius  

Sponsored by Dropbox 

March 1-5, 2018 

Los Angeles, California 

Red Bull Photo Booth Installation 

December 15, 2017 

La Fonda Theater 

Los Angeles, California 

Motelscape 2: Clean Rooms, Low Rates 

November 1–30, 2017 

Mount Analogue 

Seattle, Washington 

Giphy Art Installation at ComplexCon (https://www.complexcon.com/) 

November 4–5, 2017 

Long Beach Convention Center 

Los Angeles, California 

Secret Paths to Marina Fini 

July 15–29, 2017 

Hosted by OPEN COLOR (weareopencolor.com) 

Heron Arts (http://heronarts.com/) 

San Francisco, California 

Installation for Dolls Kill’s EDC booth


June 2017 

Electric Daisy Carnival

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Installation Concept & ART DIRECTION for Club EXX 

April 2017 

Dolls Kill (www.dollskill.com) 

San Francisco, California 


March 1, 2017–March 9, 2017 Hotel La Maison Champs Elysées

Paris Fashion Week

Paris, France 

Goddessphere (http://www.marinafini.com/goddessphere) 

December 2016 Art Basel 

Miami Beach, Florida 



OCTOBER 31, 2016 

Installation Showcase for IN Magazine 

October 2016 B4bel4b Gallery (www.b4bel4b.com) 

Oakland, California 


December 2015 Art Basel 

Miami Beach, Florida 

Thy Holy Ladies (photography showcase) 

October 25–October 29, 2014 Multi-Cultural Artist United 

Los Angeles, California 

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